No security program could survive without effective supervision of its security officers.  Titan Security Group places a very strong emphasis on supervision throughout the company.  Within the system are Managers, Field Commanders, Site Supervisors and Senior Officers.

Each level has assigned responsibilities and authority.   Titan does not make promotions without an increase of responsibility.  We do not give out titles and say we have supervisors.  All ranks within Titan have the responsibility of supervising those below them.

Account Managers

The account manager is charged with the day-to-day oversight of the account and its security staff and is held responsible for the overall quality of service for the account.

Field Supervisors

Titan has Field Supervisors on duty 24 hours per day.  Field Supervisors are our first line of quality assurance and emergency response.  They will complete random and unannounced field inspections at all client sites.

Site Directors & Supervisors

The Site Director and Supervisor are the primary security staff on site for larger accounts.  Security Personnel assigned to the account will report directly to the Site Director or Supervisor.

Lead Officer

A Lead Officer may supervise just a shift or may have responsibility as assistant Site Supervisor.  The people assigned as a Lead Officer would have had to demonstrate knowledge of the account and the ability to supervise subordinates.