Titan is committed to bringing professionally developed service solutions to our clients.  Titan will constantly build on one common set of security standards to find more efficient ways to improve our internal and external service delivery processes.  To meet this challenge Titan will develop annual goals and objectives that will be monitored and redefined on a quarterly basis.

Our’s solid financial foundation allows us to keep pace with the ever‐evolving needs of today’s business environments.  As such, we continue to invest in our security enterprise software and reporting capabilities.  Titan’s reporting varies based on the program agreed with each customer. The key to Quality Assurance for your property will be the development of a consistent reporting program for your account. This system will be agreed upon with property management during the transition phase.

In addition, Titan will be continuously perform the following:

  • Titan Field Supervisors inspecting your site several times a week.  These visits are on different shifts and times.  Each inspection is available for your review.
  • Titan Senior Management will make visits on a continuous basis to provide ongoing direction and coordination with the account manager.  We train and empower our site supervisors and account managers to make effective decisions for immediate solutions, when necessary.