We work closely with our accounts to develop a tailored training program to meet the needs of the property and staff.  As evidence of our commitment to a well-trained workforce, we have invested in our own in-house training academy. On-Guard Training Academy trains individuals new to the security industry as well as those that are looking for advanced courses.

At On-Guard Training Academy, we provide different levels and types of training including:

  • Minimum Training Levels: The State of Illinois requires that all security personnel have the minimum 20-hour training.
  • Customer Service Training: Titan developed curriculum based on client expectations in order to familiarize staff with possible real world adverse situations and receive guidance from Titan’s highest performing staff.
  • On-Site Training: Titan requires that all staff be trained at the property that they are to work at.  This allows for the staff member to learn all the requirements of their post.
  • On-Going/Annual In Service Training: Titan’s training continues past the initial training and specialized training phases.  We work with property management to decide on appropriate courses to be covered with staff each quarter.
  • Continuous Testing Process: Titan monitors performance with continuous testing of personnel at all sites on topics such as post procedures, drug awareness, and an overall refresher course.
  • Firearm Training: On-Guard Training is certified by the State of Illinois to provide Armed Guard Firearm Training. We provide this training for all of our employees that are assigned to a designated armed post.