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BOMA/Chicago Preparedness Committee Meeting Notes for June 21, 2022

Titan Security is a proud participant in the leadership of the BOMA/Chicago Preparedness Committee, dedicated to the safety of high rise commercial structures in the City of Chicago. Minutes from the most recent monthly meeting of the group on June 21, 2022 are shared below.

  • Approximately 35 attendees total at Willis Tower
  • Hosted by Erin Belknap (Sterling Bay), Tom Henkey (Titan), and Ron Tabaczynski (BOMA)
  • Todd Sheetz (Titan) gave a brief overview of recent safety challenges at Millennium Park, including external threats, seasonal security staffing, perimeter hardening, and screening operations
  • Public-sector agencies reports included:
    • Chicago Police Department 1st District – multiple special events pending; vehicle theft and carjacking are up YTD; overall crime is at 2018/2019 levels; Taste of Chicago returns to Grant Park on 07/08; In attendance was new Commander David Harris
    • Chicago Police Department 18th District – vehicle theft an ongoing issue; lighting, cameras, and security patrols remain good deterrents 
    • Chicago Fire Department – Chief Divita, CFD Chief of Staff, noted special events pending including Pride Fest; heat a major concern; Chief Johnson is new CFD education point of contact
    • Department of Homeland Security / Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (DHS/CISA) – monitoring ongoing cyber threats; pending SCOTUS announcements a concern for violence; Corporate Security Symposium on 08/11
  • Ron Tabaczynski, Committee Staff Liaison with BOMA, attended his final committee meeting with the organization. Ron was presented with plaques of appreciation by the Chicago Public Private Task Force (CPPTF) and by the committee itself, and gave closing remarks.
  • July and August committee meetings will be virtual/remote


BOMA/Chicago is a trade association that has represented the interests of the Chicago office building industry since 1902. Membership includes approximately 240 commercial office, institutional and public buildings and about 170 companies that provide commercial building services to support operational excellence. BOMA/Chicago members constitute approximately 80 percent of all rentable office space and more than 98 percent of rentable space in Class A buildings downtown.

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