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Titan’s Commitment to a Safe Workplace – July 2021 Update

Dear Clients and Contacts:

As states move to fully reopen, we are excited to continue to safely provide essential security services and hopeful to see you in person soon, if we haven’t already.

Titan’s leadership team and our Safety Committee continue to monitor public health guidelines and recommendations and are implementing appropriate policies as quickly as we can. Our approach is a commitment to continuous improvement.

The safety of Titan’s employees, as well as the safety of our clients and their visitors, remains Titan’s top priority. Later this week we will notify our employees that face coverings will no longer be required for Titan employees that are fully vaccinated if (i) approved in writing by our client and (ii) vaccination verification information submitted and approved by Titan’s HR team. Face coverings and social distancing (where possible) will remain mandatory for all Titan employees that are not fully vaccinated. All employees, whether fully vaccinated or not, should wear a face covering if requested while interacting with a tenant or guest.

Titan is committed to working with our clients to comply with site-specific directives to ensure every building is safe, secure, and protected to the greatest extent possible and we continue to follow a model of Educate and Motivate for vaccinations to keep our team members informed and engaged in making the best possible decisions for their health and their families.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding security coverage or Titan’s Commitment to a Safe Workplace for your site, please contact your Titan representative or the Titan office at (312) 902-3400. We will continue to communicate with you via email and at

Download Updated Face Covering Guidance


David Pack
President & CEO

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