Integrated security technology can assist the building security personnel in doing their jobs more effectively, as well as limit the need for a larger security force onsite, and instead placing the right number of staff at strategic locations.  Systems record the time and location of alarms and extend staff capabilities for both detection and incident response.  The correct combination of the two components may offer cost savings.

Titan can provided Remote Monitoring of Event-Based alarms.  This will include:

  • Allow Titan the ability to view and respond to abnormal site conditions related to agreed upon alarm conditions that are triggered by various inputs in the building (e.g., door contacts, motion detectors, camera images, etc.)
  • Event-based alarms will be identified and agreed upon with members of the property’s management team
  • This service can allow the property’s management to have remote access to view the cameras of the building at any time and can be used as a management tool