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Enhance your building’s security with Visitor Management solutions, helping keep track of and reduce time in managing all visitor requests, the purpose visits to your building, monitoring exact check-in and out times, and more. 

Our customized solutions can fit the specific needs of your building and can easily scale as your needs change and grow. Some industries have strict regulations regarding visitor access and data. Our trusted partners’ technologies can help ensure compliance with these regulations by providing a reliable and auditable trail of visitor data, while providing valuable insights through data analytics, such as peak visitor times, visitor frequency, and more. This data can be used to improve building operations and visitor management strategies.

If disaster hits, a Visitor Management system can provide a real-time list of all visitors currently in the building, which can be crucial for ensuring everyone’s safety. Enhance the security, efficiency, and professionalism of managing your building’s visitors today.

155 N Wacker

This 1.3 million square foot, 46-story structure provides the latest advances in business technologies. Leading edge technology combined with column-free 45 foot lease spans and full height energy efficient glass makes this LEED Gold building a productive and efficient environment for business operations. 155 North Wacker Drive offers tenants ideal proximity to public transportation hubs, expressways, financial exchanges, major banks, courthouses and many major corporations.


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