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Chicago Public Private Task Force (CPPTF) Meeting Summary – January 13, 2022

Titan Security was pleased to attend the monthly meeting of the Chicago Public-Private Task Force (CPPTF) on the morning of Thursday, January 13, helping to represent the cultural properties and commercial high-rise sectors. The group, co-chaired by the Office of Emergency Management and Communications and ChicagoFIRST, brings together organizations and associations from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to address common concerns. The meeting was hosted via Microsoft Teams with approximately 30 attendees.

Public Sector Reports

  • Crime Prevention & Information Center (CPIC): no credible or verified threats currently; FIMS/CP3 upgrade in progress; additional presentation
  • Chicago Police Department,1stt District (CPD 1): events have slowed; new protests emerging; criminal reports up YTD; multiple tactical teams have been moved to Beat cars
  • Chicago Police Department 12th District (CPD 12): Beat cars staffed by tactical teams; criminal reports up YTD overall, property crimes down
  • Cook County: nothing new to report
  • Department of Homeland Security/Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency (DHS/CISA): continued focus on suspicious activity reporting, physical and cyber
  • Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH): Omicron and masking presentation
  • Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC): holiday events successful overall; 02/11-02/21 is Chicago Auto Show; St. Pats next major events; Smart911 program relaunch underway
  • Federal Executive Board (FEB): nothing new to report
  • Chicago Transit Authority (CTA): nothing new to report
  • Department of Buildings: nothing new to report


  • CDPH presentation: Omicron variant update, vaccine recommendation; double masking is advisable; N95 or KN95 masks are superior when correctly fit-tested; CDPH update
  • CPIC presentation: intel shows FTOs and DVEs (foreign terrorist organizations and domestic violent extremists) promoting tactics including arson, explosive attacks, vehicle ramming
  • OEMC presentation: Safe Chicago program is joint project with CFD, AID, and CPD; bleeding control kits are installed/deployed at crucial public-gathering points (libraries, City Colleges, police stations, Navy Pier, City Hall, etc); stop-the-bleed training available to all City employees [email protected] 
  • Magnificent Mile Association group summary: staff of around a dozen; has been hard hit by pandemic, still a major taxpayer to the tune of $2 billion annually; more than 125,000 fulltime residents as well; 67% of all downtown hotel rooms

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