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Carjacking Safety Tips

Referred to by law enforcement as vehicular hijacking, the crime of carjacking is on the rise in many urban areas. …

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Outdoor Eating

Security Tips for Protecting Buildings During Public Demonstrations and Outdoor Eating Venues

To help prepare for the evolving set of challenges we face concerning buildings and restaurants’ security and safety, here are …

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Preparing for Election Day: 10/28/2020 Update

Titan Security Group attended the recent security briefing on October 27th hosted by the City of Chicago Mayorโ€™s Office, Chicago …

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Winter Holiday Safety Tips

Winter Weather Safety Tips: Preventing Slips and Falls

In cold and/or wet conditions, common dangers include slips and falls, as well as vehicle accidents. Taking simple precautions can …

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Preparing for Election Day

In preparation for Election Day on November 3rd, and related events, consider the following steps to ensure your building site …

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4th of July Safety Tips

15 Tips to Help You Have a Safe Fourth of July

Titan Security Group would like to wish you a happy Independence Day for the 4th of July. Below are safety …

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Situational Awareness and Security Preparedness Considerations

Titan consistently maintains communication with our public sector partners to review active threats and resources.  The Chicago Police Department, Crime …

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Pre-Event Violence Planning

Pre-Event Violence Planning: Indicators and Behaviors

In these unprecedented times it remains important to stay vigilant and if you see something, say something. This is a …

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Fight Viral Infections

Tips for How to Fight Viral Infections

The recent outbreak of viral infections around the world shows how quickly exotic diseases can spread in modern times. As …

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Options to Help Create a Safe and Secure Environment

The Chicago Police Department, Crime Prevention & Information Center recently released the following security preparedness bulletin to help in providing …

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Cold Weather tips

Safety Tips for Cold Weather

When temperatures plunge, you need to prepare for the severe weather conditions ahead. Along with being careful of traveling and …

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Winter Holiday Safety Tips

The holiday season is a wonderful time to go shopping, enjoy holiday festivals, travel, attend New Years Eve parties, and …

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Soloinsight and Titan Security Group Unite to Elevate Security with Employee Badge in Apple Wallet

Innovative Access Control: Titan Security Group Implements Soloinsight’s CloudGate for Enhanced Mobile Credential Management Chicago, IL, November 30, 2023 โ€” …

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Active Shooter Guide

Incidents involving active threats or active shooters remain a concern. Fortunately, there are tangible actions we can all take before, …

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Avoiding Cybersecurity Attacks from Foreign Misinformation Campaigns

The continuous threat of cyber attacks on essential services, public safety and business systems remains at a high level as …

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